What are Hemoroides,
and the Availiable Cures and Treatments?

Hemoroides (or hemorrhoids) afflict at least 4 of 10 adults at some point in their lives. Also known as "piles," hemorrhoids are basically any form of vein inflammation and swelling around the lower regions of the rectum.

Is there blood on your toilet paper or signs of bleeding from the rear? Rectal itching, irritation and burning at the anus? Pain during constipation? These are often symptoms of hemorrhoids. In the more severe cases, they can protrude outside your bottom ("prolapse") -- and become progressively larger and more resistant to re-insertion. Eventually, they can interfere with athletics, walking or other everyday activities.

Hemorrhoids are either "internal" or "external." Internal hemorrhoids are graded from 1st degree (never protrudes out of the anal canal) to the most serious, 4th degree, where the hemorrhoid is permanently prolapsed and cannot be re-inserted. External hemorrhoids erupt around the anus, outside the rectum; these may develop a blood clot (thrombus), thus being "thrombosed" or "clotted," and become tender and very painful.

What causes hemorrhoids? Contributing factors can include pregnancy, obesity, weightlifting, chronic constipation or diarrhea, eating too much processed food and a sedentary lifestyle (long-term sitting around, especially on the commode).

Traditional home hemorrhoid treatments, cures and remedies, which fail to address the true root issue, have been of three major types:

1) Creams and ointments rubbed on your outer rectal area, to soothe blood vessels. This relaxes the tissue so it does not bulge out so much, minimizing the chance of flare up. Unfortunately, it is practically guaranteed to re-assert itself. The leading brand of ointment states repeatedly that it "temporarily" provides relief (rather than heal or cure). Some brands may also contain "vasoconstrictor" agents which could raise blood pressure.

2) Suppositories inserted into the rectum, to deliver moisture to the hemorrhoid and create lubrication when rectal pressure returns. This is designed to heal the hemorrhod without rupturing again. This does work for some. Some suppositories may contain vasoconstrictors.

3) Pills which regulate blood pressure to a degree. Its aim is to tighten vein tissue to make the hemorrhoid less trouble-prone. This is a very "top-down" approach which can have real side effects.

When these three options are exhausted, there are cure choices such as cryotherapy or surgery/hemorrhoidectomy.

For controlling hemorrhoids, a healthy lifestyle can often make a difference. Once the rectal veins have become enlarged, hemorrhoids do tend to recur. Much less straining is required to prompt a recurrence of hemorrhoids than it took to cause them initially. Finding the initial cause of your hemorrhoids is the first step. Treatment of hemorrhoids is fruitless if you don't eliminate the cause of the problem. Straining due to constipation is the source of many hemorrhoids. Keeping stools soft is the best way to avoid straining during bowel movements. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise are the best preventive measures you can take -- but if all else fails, you should seek treatment right away, and hemorrhoids can become worse over time. Hemorrhoids that cause only mild discomfort in the morning could become very painful by evening.

Always consult with a medical professional before starting a plan of self-treatment for conditions such as hemorrhoids.


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